The Park of Luminous Ridicule <<繆悟公園>> 2016

Exhibition Opening: 5.30 – 8 pm, March 16, 2016

Exhibition Date: March 17 – April 9 , 2016

Venue: Grotto Fine Art Ltd

2/F 31C-D Wyndham Street, Central,

Hong Kong

Grotto Fine Art takes great pleasure to present the third solo exhibition, The Park of Luminous Ridicule, by Hong Kong artist WONG Yee-ki. The exhibition features a park full of enigma, in which the artist depicts the fight between human nature and the world through metaphorical scenarios. With the juxtaposition of elements in the literati painting and her fictional narratives, she explores the possible contemporary significance of Shui-mo. And meanwhile, the exploration portrays her serious yet diligently playful attitude towards life.

開幕酒會:2016年3月16日 下午5時30分至8時正

展覽日期:2016年3月17日 至4月9日

展覽地點:嘉圖現代藝術 Grotto Fine Art–中環雲咸街31號C-D 2樓